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Feed your Faith!


Destiny is Your Decision

Destiny Is your Decision is a power packed book that is full of the promises of God! Throughout these pages, you will find truths that will transform you and keys to unlock your destiny. You will discover that Heaven is for you, and the Father has a great plan for your life. This book will empower you and encourage you to make the right decision that will affect your destiny. Get ready to be radically changed, as you discover, Destiny Is Your Decision!

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Greater is He that is in You!

Greater Is He That Is in You is a must have book of hope, encouragement and strategies for the end times that you must have in your arsenal of faith. During your salvation experience, a Champion attitude is birthed within each of us. Pastor Benjamin reveals who is living on the inside of every believer and explains the God given tools you should use to fight each battle.

Papa's Garden

Papa's Garden is an exciting children's book that teaches life's lessons through planting a garden while learning to read.

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A Bug Called Happy

Join Happy the Bug as he ventures to the City of Big People. After a storm destroyed their village, Happy must get help from a place bugs are afraid to go. Happy finds a young lady named Grace who helps him and the people of Smallthingsville get their town and lives back together.

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Feed your faith and starve your doubts to death!

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