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WOMI/Ignited Church
Nigeria /Africa Representative
Objectives and Responsibilities

The main purpose of this position is to be a liaison for WOMI/IC. To be a conduit of the world vision given to Pastor Benjamin to reach 5 million souls for Christ. Of which we believe is just a starting point of a greater global harvest. As a liaison we would desire for you to be available to answer questions from those inquiring about our mission efforts there in Nigeria, and eventually in other parts of Africa. To be available to host (be a contact) for those who desire to travel there to participate in your current missions’ efforts, as well as ours. This position is in no means an effort to overshadow your work but to cooperate and partner with you for a global harvest, using the banner of WOMI/IC.
This position will evolve over time as we promote our efforts there, and interest grows from those connected (and newly connected) to WOMI/IC. 
Concerning a schedule. There is not a set schedule for this position.  If inquiries are made by email, whatever time is needed to answer any questions would be appreciated. If asked to host a missionary visitation, then we would ask for your time for this. That scenario will be discussed when it arises.  At this moment of infancy, the position will require no real time needed to facilitate our vision, other than being available as a connection point.
In the future, we envision mission trips, crusades, feeding projects, church planting, and other Great Commission efforts involving our partners from various parts of the world. We also envision you traveling outside of Nigeria with mission efforts as the Father directs and provides. 
This is a volunteer position, with no wages attached other than the support we currently give. If there is any cost levied by any beforementioned events/efforts, of course we will compensate for this. To boil it to down, we desire for you to represent WOMI/IC and to allow us to share your contact information with the world, in order to shine the light on our collaborated efforts of winning Nigeria, all of Africa, and the entire world with the lifesaving-changing message of Jesus Christ! 
Our scriptural theme for our partnership is found in Luke 5:1-7. Together we can do more for a global harvest!     


Pastor  Oscar Amaechina.

Office Address: Suite B8A, Favor Plaza, Kurudu-Orozo Express Way, Anka, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja Nigeria.

Phone Number: +2348035786730


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