Word of the Lord for 2021 - The Year of the Dragon

Prophetic word for the year delivered on New Year's Eve by Pastor Faircloth.

Woe to the nations- for the Dragon, the Serpent, lucifer -has been cast down to you!

Woe to the nations who embrace him, entertain him, and give him habitation. For those nations will be turned into hell! Evil will proceed to dwell in their streets. Great havoc will he make as the innocence of the hour passes! Woe I say to those who practice white magic- who pet the Serpent, for now you will realize the devil is among you! No nation will be able to resist his power once his invitation has been given to him!


The seedbed of rebellion! Your time has come to reap that which you have sown. Ancient spirits incased within your Arts and demonic culture (Free Masonry) will be released upon your nation! Blood spilled in your streets will be the sacrifice offered to the Dragon! You have no concern for the fruit of the womb – he shall have no care for the life of man! War will be your banner -wars within and wars without, for your contract with the Dragon will require your blood-The blood of those who arm themselves for war. This is the price for following the Dragon!

The Church

Where are you? Where have you been? For the sound of surfeiting has been silenced by your mourning. Mourning for your gods that led you astray- mourning for the loss of those things that propped you up and replaced My Truth! Where are your prophets who prophesied lies- who declared easy words? They are exposed as frauds and false, yet you continue to embrace them! Hear this now says your God, the war that will be against you, will refine you- define you, and realign you for My purpose! If not, you will be a casualty of this war!

Ignited Church

Be brave- be bold be strong! For this is your hour to possess the land! I have given you everything you need to inherit the Kingdom and possess the land! Your trials will be many but your victories will be greater! For I have marked you, anointed you, and set you aside for this hour. You are small in your sight but like David I see you as a giant killer! I see you as Gideon, who with Me, was more than enough! Fear not at what you hear about the Dragon and his exploits this year. For I have appointed your portion- to recover those who have fallen victim to his warfare and carnage. Get ready for the harvest to come to you!

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