“The Sodomizing of America!”

A Prophetic Warning By Pastor Benjamin Faircloth 1-2-22 “America, your journey to Mystery Babylon is going as planned! Your following the footsteps of your master the devil! Deception has caused you to err from the Truth and your moral compass no longer exists! Gone are the days and years of innocence- you’ve called good- evil and evil- good for so long, even your children struggle to know the difference! You’ve allowed the spirit of Sodomy and perversion to infect and affect every level of society, even My Church reeks with the stench of Babylon! My People are polluted because their Shepherds refused to watch over the gates! They knew the predators were among My Sheep, but for a price, they let them in! Raped and ravished- My Sheep have called out to Me, surely, I hear them and will respond swiftly! Judgment begins in My House and I will thoroughly purge and sweep the floor, for nothing that offends nor defiles shall enter into My Kingdom! Separate yourself from the unclean and those who practice mischief. For I AM coming with a Sword, says your God, and I will wield My Truth and separate the wheat from the tares at the Final Harvest!” To watch or listen to this message got to or You Tube My book “Destiny Is Your Decision” has been released! Check it out at… My book “Papa’s Garden” has been released! Check it out at Please prayerfully consider supporting our World-Wide Ministry! You can give at or by check or money order: Ignited Church PO Box 303 Lavonia, Ga 30553 THANK YOU! JESUS IS LORD OVER IGNITED CHURCH LAVONIA, GA!!!

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