“The Death of Western Christianity!”

A Prophetic Warning By Pastor Benjamin Faircloth 11-14-21

“America, your funeral arrangements have been prepared, all is ready for your demise! You are the walking dead, but you don’t realize it. You shun reality- because there is no Truth in you! How can you have life and light when you refuse the source of all Life? Your nation will become a graveyard for the Dead Church- Lukewarm and Backslidden Church -those clouds with no water- those who honor Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me! I breathed Life into this corpse- dead men’s bones and she refused to inhale My Breath of Life, rather choosing death and doctrines of devils to be her sustainable source! The reason for the decaying church of America, is to expose and reveal My True Church, those hidden in obscurity- shunned by lack of popularity- those who have been suffering silently. Western Christianity is dying says your God, and the birthing of My End Time Remnant Bride is awakening to her final assignment- My final harvest! Come out from among the decaying church and live!”

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