“The Carnival Church!”

A Prophetic Warning


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


“America, you live life as though it’s a game- a competition to gain- to store and to hold on to, but you have no idea how slippery your path is and how weak your grasp on these things! You count your items of gain as trophies and achievements, but your work is in vain- for the idols of this world have no power to save you nor serve to satisfy, they will always lead you to true poverty!

America you are bankrupt! Void of true treasures- void of Truth! Your foundations are corrupt, how shall you stand?!

My Church has been playing the whore, masquerading and playing the part! Her fall is coming, the rebuilding of My Church for the final stretch is upon you! You must choose between new wine and new wine skins and old wine and weary and worn wineskins that will never hold up to what is coming on the earth- choose wisely!

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