“Liquidation: The Downsizing of America!” 9-19-21


The Downsizing of America!”

A Prophetic Warning


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

“America, your decline is by design! The brokenness of your society is only the beginning. The Great Architect- the Son of Perdition, is waiting to arise out of your ashes! You are being conditioned to compromise your souls, in exchange for what used to be. A taste of Egypt- a taste of the potage, for the selling of your soul! You can’t see this, because My Church has no Truth within Her! My Pastors are blind dogs who don’t bark- Shepherds without staffs. I’ve searched, but I have found few who are not spotted with the world.

America, your downsizing has begun. Your position is being prepared for your final assignment- Mystery Babylon!

Arise and awaken My Church! Clothe yourself with My Truth- put on the garments of Light and lead My People to higher ground! For soon the flood waters of change will ravage your nation and only those anchored to Truth will survive!”

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