"Life Support!”

A Prophetic Warning


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


“America, you are on life support and you have no idea how close to death you really are! Your dreams of being a City on a Hill and the Thousand Points of Light, has proved to be a nightmare and demonized propaganda- enticing and bewitching you into believing your destiny exists beyond Me! You provoke Me to anger and jealousy, as you pursue other gods- yet every day you parade My Cross as a token and lucky charm! I AM not amused nor entertained by your heartless worship and conviction -less preaching! A child newly born unto Me, has more unction and passion then most preachers of this day!

America you are on life support! Gasping for air- looking for a way to survive, but you refuse to look to the Author of all Life! Soon you will enter the final stages of “what once was” and begin your destiny as Mystery Babylon!”

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