Reprobate - Feb 14 2021

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Pastor Faircloth's Word from the Lord and Message on Sunday, Feb 14 2021

America, you are drowning in the cesspool of sin! You are drowning in the sea of corruption- of spirit, soul, and body. Your rescue has faded, you have waited too long for help. There is no way back!

The shores are slippery- there is no escape! You slip and slide further into the pit you have dug. You ask, where is the hope? Where is the way out? I say to you oh reprobate nation and people of whoredoms, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one escapes without Me!

I Am the Door and I Am the Light- straight is the path and narrow is the gate, but few will find it!s current and interesting. Think of it as an ongoing conversation where you can share updates about business, trends, news, and more.

America, as a nation there isn’t any hope for you, but as a people, I say- come unto Me -come out of Babylon and I will receive you and sup with you. Together we will cross over this Jordan, but know this, if you refuse, there is no hope!

Design with Ease

To watch this message in full go to or on Youtube @ Benjamin Faircloth
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